NJ Bariatrics Support Group

NJ Bariatrics Support GroupOur monthly support group is called Lighter Reflections, and everyone is welcome. It serves as an excellent venue for prospective patients, new patients and recovering patients to exchange information and renew their motivation. After surgery, you’ll find it easier to meet your new dietary challenges when you’re comforted by others who’ve been there.

One of our doctors attends every single meeting in its entirety. Other weight loss centers in New Jersey offer support groups where the surgeons either don’t attend at all or stay for only a few minutes. At NJ Bariatrics, we believe having a medical presence at these meetings is essential to your success.

“At the start of each meeting, Dr. Brolin or Dr. Chau hosts a Q&A session followed by a speaker on whatever the monthly topic is. The meetings really help to keep people on track and/or get back on track.”
Brooke Kirschner-Zalaman, Marlboro, NJ

No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, you’ll find encouragement and comfort at our monthly meetings.

Attend an Upcoming Meeting

Join us at our next meeting and share your personal trials and triumphs with some of the most supportive people you’ll ever meet. No registration necessary.

Date & Time: Contact us for details

Online Support

Online support is available 24/7 though Lighter Reflections Online, a Yahoo! group open to everyone. It’s perfect for whenever you need a little extra encouragement.

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