Antoinette’s Story

Antoinette's StoryA Success Story in progress…

My name is Antoinette Cocozza. I’m 38 years old, a single mother of an 18 year old son and a grandmother of a 22 month old grandson. On November 13th, 2010, I underwent the gastric sleeve procedure, performed by Dr. Brolin and his team.

I have struggled with my weight almost all my life. When I was in 1st grade, I already weighed 110 lbs. The years went by and although I enjoyed school, it was difficult to listen to the other kids remark as I became heavier and heavier. I only had a handful of good friends that didn’t judge me by my size.

In 1986, I was in 8th grade and weighed about 260 lbs. That same year, my father passed away, which caused me to become more distressed and I started to rebel against my mother. I started high school, but never really fit in due to my size and shyness. So, by 11th grade, I ended up quitting, which I have always regretted.

When I was 18, I became pregnant and had my son at 19 and raised him by myself, with a lot of help from family members and close friends.

Antoinette Cozza - beforeI was employed as a deli manager for a small grocery store from 1995 until 2005, when I had to leave to have my gallbladder removed. While I was on medical leave, I wound up gaining 40 more lbs and losing a lot of muscle usage. When I returned to work, I couldn’t even stand for 10 minutes without being in pain from the weight which, unfortunately, ended my days of working. Very discouraged at this point, I turned to food for comfort and continued to gain weight, topping the scale at 609 lbs in 2009.

In February came the birth of my grandson, which changed everything for me. The moment of his birth was when I decided I needed to change my life so I would be around for him for a long time.

In July of 2009, I met with Dr. Brolin for the first time, weighing just under 600 lbs. He told me I was a candidate for surgery, but I would need to lose at least 75 lbs. before he would perform the surgery, because of the risk. I agreed and told him I would do it.

In the months that followed, Donna, NJ Bariatrics’ bariatric life coach, was extremely helpful with reviewing menu plans, coaching me through struggles and praising me when she knew I deserved it. I couldn’t have gotten through this without her and the support from my family. It was difficult changing my eating habits, but it was also a big challenge and a lifelong dream for me, so I set my mind to do the best I possibly could.

By September, 2010, I had lost 112 lbs and Dr. Brolin said I lived up to my end of the bargain and he would live up to his. He explained the bypass was not a very good option for me because I have severe anemia and suggested we do the gastric sleeve. By the surgery date, November 22nd, I was down to 499 lbs. Since my surgery only a few short months ago. I have lost an additional 75 lbs and counting! I feel like I am breathing better, more active (walking everyday!) and definitely eating less. I feel like a new person already and I’m just starting my weight loss journey.

This is a lifetime commitment to which I have promised myself to stay strong and keep. With the help of NJ Bariatrics and support from my family and support groups, I’m determined to give it my all.

Antoinette Cocozza

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