Beth’s Story

Beth Rotchford - afterI had tried almost every diet possible. I lost 90 lbs twice on liquids and extreme diets, gaining it all back and more. It was frustrating, depressing and my health was failing. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and I became short of breath with any exertion.

I felt like a failure and an outcast.

I’m a nurse and I researched many bariatric surgeons. Dr. Brolin’s extensive credentials and research in the field of bariatrics really impressed me. Approximately 11 years ago I made an appointment and had a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass done via incision, as laparoscopy wasn’t available at the time.

After my surgery, I lost 90 lbs. It came off quickly and I felt so much better. As time passed, I became more complacent. I gradually ate more and made inappropriate food choices. I gained back about 25 lbs over an eight year period because I wasn’t exercising enough and maintaining a proper food plan.

Beth Rotchford - beforeAbout May 2009, I started having indigestion and bloating. I was also trying to lose some weight and it was difficult. In the past after my surgery, I could lose easily if I maintained a healthy meal plan. I saw my gastroenterologist and had an endoscopy that showed that a couple of staples popped in my gastric bypass. An upper GI confirmed this and I returned to Dr Brolin. He reassured me that he would revise my bypass and fix the problem laparoscopically.

I’ve always trusted Dr. Brolin and I knew he could help me again. Then he said the most wonderful thing to me: “On someone as small as you, laparoscopy won’t be a problem.”

Me? Small?

I felt great! I knew I had come back to the right place.

I had my revisional surgery October 15, 2009. For anyone contemplating a bariatric procedure, laparoscopy is so much easier than an open incision. Dr. Brolin explained to me that he can see more internally because everything is magnified. Dr. Brolin always explains everything so clearly and thoroughly.

There was very little pain after surgery. It was more just soreness. I was up and walking around mere hours after surgery. I was back home in a day. I returned to work in five weeks. I probably could’ve return sooner, but I have a job that’s very physical.

As of April 2010, six months after my revisional surgery, I lost 53 lbs and I’m now the lowest weight of my adulthood. I just had extensive blood work done and all my levels look good. I feel great and I can shop in the “regular size” department!

I owe this to the entire NJ Bariatrics team. I had met Donna, a bariatric Life Coach, before surgery. She’s quite inspirational and so helpful. From the moment you walk in the office door, you feel accepted and get a feeling of hope. The entire staff not only understands how you feel, but you’re offered a solution. There’s nutritional counseling, a support group, and a financial/insurance information session. They answer all of your questions.

After struggling with my weight for over 40 years, I am, as I said, at the lowest weight of my adult life. The most important aspect is that I feel great and I’m healthy. For a nurse, being healthy is so important because I see the consequences of poor health every day.

Thank you, NJ Bariatrics! You are the best!

Beth Rotchford

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