Brenda’s Story

Brenda Mendez - afterMy name is Brenda Liz Mendez.

At the age of 34, people would tell me that I was a very beautiful person. But my outer appearance did not match my inner beauty. So in September 2008, I made up my mind to have gastric bypass surgery.

For my whole life, I have been overweight. Really, I thought I was fine. And I DOOO MEAN FINE! 🙂 Until I started having complications. Everyone knows when you’re overweight you’re prone to having diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, joint problems, stress and depression. I HAD IT ALL!

I started losing time from my job with health problems. That’s when I had to do something. My parents depend on me. They don’t speak English and they don’t drive. They are up there in age, so they rely on me to help with doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping, etc.

Brenda Mendez - beforeSo in September of 2008, a coworker asked me how I felt about gastric bypass to lose weight. I joked about it with her and she said, “Seriously, why you don’t look into it?” With her encouragement, I started my journey of finding out exactly what this would do for me.

Since my job is in Central Jersey, she suggested that I go to a place in Plainsboro. So my journey took me to NJ Bariatrics.

I actually missed my first visit mostly because I was so scared. So I made a second appointment and this time I went.

When I got there, the waiting area was very calming it made me feel at ease. The receptionist was also very helpful. Now don’t get me wrong — I still had butterflies about the doctor. My starting weight on my first visit was 296 lbs and climbing. I had no idea I weighed that much. They set my surgery date for March 23, 2009. It was on now.

I was scared to death.

What if I don’t wake up? All the WHAT IFs started raising my blood pressure. Butterflies were now buzzards — big black ones. I was going crazy. But I got through it and today I can truly say I feel good and I look GREAT!

Since that day I’ve lost 146 lbs! I would like to think of the weight I lost as my evil TWIN SISTER. I would like everyone to know that my life has changed tremendously. From the way I look at myself to the way I approach life’s different venues.

To all the people that are contemplating weight loss surgery, life is good and I wish I’d done it sooner. Please understand, it was an adjustment, but well worth it in every way. I’m loving every minute of my life.

Brenda Mendez

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