Danny’s Story

Danny Cano - afterIf you’re considering bariatric surgery and are reading this, you’re headed in the right direction. Before I tell you why you just ran into a goldmine, I’m going to tell you a bit about who I am and why I’m a strong supporter of New Jersey Bariatrics.

Since early childhood, I’ve been in a consistent battle with my weight. Being teased as a child and as a young adult was never easy, but I always kept my head high and looked for solutions. I tried everything from diet, exercise and medicinal drugs, but nothing was ever effective.

I married my wonderful wife Karol, who always told me she loved me the way I am. As four years of marriage passed, I gained more and more weight and eventually weighed 300 lbs without ever knowing what hit me. My health started taking a toll — I had chronic migraines, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, along with other health issues.

Danny Cano - beforeMy marital life was also taking a toll because I couldn’t stand to use the C-PAP machine and my wife wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t use it. At the time, my daughter was turning 2 and it was impossible to keep up with her due to the excess weight. Being only 24 years old with all these complications, I decided to seek weight loss surgery.

Looking for a surgeon who you can trust with your own life with is very difficult. Never in my life had I ever researched so much to find a doctor with whom I could feel comfortable. I happened to stumble onto NJ Bariatrics’ website after searching for different doctors in the NJ area. Right away I saw all the facts and the questions and answers that the website had, with every bit of information being so honest and up front, right down to how to choose the right bariatric surgeon. I immediately called to set up my consultation and I contacted my insurance provider to see what coverage was offered for this type of procedure.

When I arrived to the office, I was pleasantly greeted and was asked to be seated until the doctor was available to see me. While I waited, I started to get nervous but I reminded myself why I wanted to change my life. I was quickly seated in the examination room and in came Dr. Brolin to greet me and my wife. He eagerly started explaining the difference between all the types of bariatric surgeries with the pros and cons of each. I must have asked him a million questions. His patience, knowledge and calming demeanor really convinced me that I was in the right hands.

Later I met the assistant surgeon and he was also very thorough in answering my questions and concerns. What makes NJ Bariatrics so special is the incredible effort they put into working with each of their patients one-on-one. They show a great amount of support!

It has been 6 month since my surgery and I’ve lost 90 lbs so far, thanks to the great support regarding my eating and exercise habits. The NJ Bariatrics team has taught me a lot! All of my medical conditions have vanished and I’m finally able to show my daughter how much I love her by being more active with her. I recently started to do outdoor sports and I’m finally feeling good about keeping up with my friends.

If there’s one thing that you can take away from my story, it’s that you’re in the right hands. The amount of care and concern that the people at NJ Bariatrics showed me is above and beyond what I ever expected.

Having a second chance at living a healthy life is a true gift. I would like to thank Dr. Brolin and everyone at NJ Bariatrics for my new beginning.

Danny Canno

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