Jamie’s Story

Jamie Slawski - afterI started considering weight loss surgery 4 years ago while on the porch of a bed and breakfast in Cape May, NJ for my wedding anniversary. I was drinking beers and eating pretzels. I had just heard about the LAP-BAND procedure and thought what an easy way out of my obesity. What a big mistake in my thinking.

I weighed in at around 375 lbs at the time.

My wife was in complete agreement with me and promised to support me with whatever I needed to do. So, I started to investigate the idea. What I found out was quite different than what I expected. There were rules to follow, classes to attend, physical exams to be done, testing to be done, and a whole lot more that I never dreamed of or expected.

When I met Dr. Brolin and NJ Bariatrics, I learned that a full gastric bypass was what I really needed. The combination of mal-absorption and a limited capacity for intake of food and drink would provide me with the best results possible.

Jamie Slawski - beforeThe entire team at NJ Bariatrics is incredible. From the front desk, nursing staff, doctors, dieticians, counselors and so on, it was an absolute professional, caring experience.

I have a beautiful wife and 13 year old son. I feel that the team at NJ Bariatrics has given me my life back and a second chance to live as well. I can’t remember ever feeling this good physically, mentally and personally about myself. I had been overweight for as long as I can remember. When I shopped as a child, my parents would take me to the husky section for clothes. Everyone said I was built like a football player as opposed to the fat kid that I really was.

Now I’m not embarrassed to shop for clothes, get in pictures at the holidays or for any reason at that. I actually look forward to working in the yard and garden again, playing catch with my son, fishing, and most importantly, exercising now that I’ve lost so much weight. What an amazing feeling to have.

Jamie Slawski

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