Lori’s Story

Lori's StoryI had tried numerous weight loss plans, including Think Thin, Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Diet Center, Nutri System, Jenny Craig, 6-week Makeover, and various diet pills existing on the market. It wasn’t until August 2008 that I decided to have gastric bypass surgery.

In the past, I’ve lost weight, gained back, lost again, gained again. It’s been an up and down rollercoaster ride since the age of 12. By the time I had the bypass, I exceeded my ideal weight by over 100 pounds. Enough was enough. I was unhappy, obese and embarrassed, especially for my children. It was time to get serious and do something that I was told would change my life. That’s when I met Dr. Chau.

Dr. Chau came highly recommended so I felt certain about his credentials. We discussed all options, as well as the pros and cons of each type of surgery. All my questions were answered in clear, concise detail. It was his practice to spend as much time as necessary to make his patient feel comfortable and reassured about the procedure. There were no doubts in my mind as far as choosing NJ Bariatrics as my weight loss surgery provider and Dr. Chau as my surgeon.

Lori Chevrette - beforeThe truth is that I’ve lost around 90 pounds and I physically feel better than I have since before high school. My weight will always be an issue for me, and I need to make sure that I stay motivated to exercise and eat right. There are times that are more difficult, and times that are not. Everyone has their ups and downs. NJ Bariatrics offers an excellent support system.

I believe gastric bypass surgery is the most effective means of losing weight and keeping it off. With a smaller stomach, you continue to be mindful of how much food to consume at a particular meal. The bypass also forces your stomach to feel full faster, helping you know when to stop eating. If you decide to continue to eat anyway, the discomfort is extremely intense, and not worth the ‘enjoyment’ you believe your getting from the food. I’ve found the best method is to eat frequent small amounts of food at a time.

I never want to go back to being that “fat” person again, but I do want to enjoy my life and not feel deprived. Therefore, every once in a while, I will enjoy the “forbidden” and keep it to a minimum, realizing that it’s OK to do once in a while.

Most importantly is my health. I was probably headed towards type II diabetes, since diabetes runs in my family. I also have narrowing issues of the artery in my left leg. Since I’ve reduced my weight, it’s been feeling much better. Walking up and down the stairs, as well as walking around in general has been more manageable and helps me to keep up with my highly energetic son.

Lori Chevrette

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