Mark and Ivy’s Story

Mark and Ivy's StoryDr. Brolin performed gastric bypass surgery on both my wife and I in 2002. We feel he has given us a new lease on life. This is our family Success Story.

After years of yo-yo dieting and the combination of age and obesity beginning to show their signs, I knew something had to be done. I decided to look into gastric byass surgery. Ten years ago, there was a 6 month wait just to see Dr. B. and another 6 months until surgery would be performed. Little did I know that this was the start of a family journey. It was only a few weeks following the surgery that my wife, amazed with the results she saw, asked Dr. B about the surgery for herself. Seven months later, Dr. B worked his magic on her, and then both our daughters decided they wanted to leave obesity in their past too.

Mark and Ivy Zalaman - beforeIt was a new lease on life for all of us. For years, we watched our children being made fun of for being overweight. When walking down the street or into a room, all eyes are on you as you go about your everyday business. Now we are normal people. We no longer stand out among the crowd for our weight.

Some of my highlights of this journey have been:

  • Being mistaken for someone I know that is tall and thin.
  • Walking through a restaurant and no heads turning my way because I no longer stood out for being obese.
  • Almost nine years after surgery, meeting someone I haven’t seen in over 30 years and the double take they had when I told them who I was.
  • Being diagnosed with a little arthritis in my hip and the doctor saying I would have needed hip replacement a long time ago if I was still carrying all that excess weight.

Life is good, and so much better when you’re healthy enough to enjoy all the things you want to do. Without Dr. B, who knows if we would’ve even been around to enjoy our childrens’ weddings or the recent blessing of our first grandchild.

Mark Zalaman

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