Pat’s Story

Pat's StoryI first met Dr. Brolin at a NJ Bariatrics support group meeting in May of 2009. After the meeting, I went up to Dr. Brolin and asked if I would qualify for surgery. He said yes, depending on my BMI. He asked me to make an appointment to be evaluated and gave me the confidence that night to follow through.

I spoke with Donna and scheduled my appointment. She was also extremely helpful. My insurance provider required that I do three months of nutritional visits. Every time I went to the NJ Bariatrics office, the staff was so supportive and helpful.

I was nervous and indecisive about what procedure I wanted and whether I should have surgery at all. My age was always a concern. Anytime I had a question, Dr. Brolin always made the time to answer my questions.

Pat Cassaro - beforeIn the end, I had my surgery in December 2009. I was so nervous that morning, but Dr. Brolin was there for me and made me feel comfortable. My hospital stay was so pleasant. All of the nurses were wonderful.

I live so close to the NJB office. I easily got into the habit of going to the office weekly for my weigh in. Miriam continues to greet me with a smile and is very encouraging. She’s a great cheerleader!

I really find the support group so helpful and informative. I can call Donna anytime with questions. She is both motivating and knowledgeable. Lauren, the dietician, has helped me a lot too — especially after surgery.

I’m so glad I found Dr. Brolin and his staff. The continued support they offer is just what I need to maintain my success.

Pat Cassaro

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